CCP lay out EVE Online’s 500 year plan


Developer CCP today laid out a far-reaching strategy that should keep the already venerable EVE Online fresh to its legions of players.

As CCP spokesman, Bjorknir Kristðarson said; “The main challenge we foresee is that, sooner or later, the human race may well be exploring the stars and mining asteroids. How then do we keep EVE exciting and cutting edge? Our most ambitious update is scheduled for release in the next 400 years or so…”

This update is to create an infinite amount of parallel universes; “The inter-dimensional jump-core can be fitted to any ship, and used to jump instantaneously to a random and procedurally-generated alternate dimension. Imagine you are under attack by a fleet of pirates. Do you try to fight them off, or do you hit the jump-core? Maybe in the alternate universe, you will be under attack by a fleet of harmless daffodils, or maybe you could find yourself up against a fleet of deadly space-voles. The choice is yours.”

However, those looking forward to inter-dimensional travel should start training the skill when it is released in next month’s patch.

“We’ve had to drastically increase skill training times. As people’s lifespan increases in the future, we need to slow down their advancement through the game. Its no good allowing a thousand year old player to have everything trained, so we will need to make even the most basic skills have a good six-month training time.”

More as we get it.


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