Halo 4 launches into your faces at midnight

It’s happening again. Almost 300 Game stores country wide will open their doors at midnight tonight to welcome in a flood of geeks eager to get down and dirty with a moody chap named John.

Midnight openings are nothing new to this industry, although it was only a few years back where this revered ceremony was reserved for special hardware launches and the legs of certain ladies. Now it seems any excuse of a game can command a midnight launch with Train Simulator 2012 the next release scheduled for anorak anarchy at the Arndale Centre.

It’s been 5 years since MasterChef died at the end of Halo 3 and with the help of several EastEnders script writers they’ve managed to revive him without anyone even noticing. [Wait, what? He survived? Fuck off! Really??  Stasis? Seriously? Gah – well that’s bollocksed up the rest of this piece then…] Anyway, whatever happens let’s just hope this new First Person Shooter ends with yet another warthog ride across a broken rubiks cube.

Are you going to a midnight launch tonight? Why not send us a photo of you with your game! We won’t respond right away, because, you know… we’ll be a-fucking-sleep!

The MasterChief


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