Call of Duty players treated to “Free Mass Effect 2 Preview” instead of 2nd disk


Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 players received an unexpected bonus in their game boxes. Rather than facing another hour or so of turgid single player COD action, players are instead treated to the second part of Mass Effect 2 completely for free.

“It’s an absolute genius move and a gutsy one by Activition” said a punter who was already half way through stifling a yawn while playing Black Ops. “At least this way we get to watch and play some alien lesbian softcore action rather than finding out the shifty looking commander in charge of Black Ops was entirely responsible for a massacre”

Lord of the Rings: Lego Edition fans aren’t missing out either. Rather than playing the full game, players can look forward to an extensive demo in the box, substituted in at the last minute to ensure gamers’ kids aren’t wailing like banshees on Christmas Morning when they discover they’ve been short-changed”


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